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Do I Need a Second Hair Transplantation?

Do I Need a Second Hair Transplantation?

A once in a lifetime Hair Transplantation procedure and then, after the healing process, all the balding parts and receding hairlines are covered with a high density of hair. That is what all our patients expect. That is what you expect too, are you not? And that is very understandable. Unfortunately, reality shows that this is not always possible.

There are situations in which a second, or even a third session could be necessary.

The good news, of course, is that the newly implanted hair is permanent and will not go away again. But some patients have large balding parts that need just too many grafts to cover in one go with the hairs available in the donor area at the back of the head. Other patients might have a donor area that is not rich enough to supply the hair necessary to cover the balding areas. And then over time some patients might lose more of their natural hair at the expense of the density.

Nevertheless, even if you might need more than one session, the first session stands on its own accord. The initial hair transplantation is planned by the surgeon to get the best aesthetic result by using the available hair follicles in the donor area to cover the balding parts and receding hairline with maximum hair density. The surgeon will first draw a natural hairline that matches the patient’s facial features and structure aesthetically. Then the extracted follicles from the donor area will be implanted in the balding parts of the scalp and within the natural hairline at receding parts. The surgeon will implant the grafts at the balding parts with as great a density as possible starting from the hairline.

When Do I need Second FUE Hair Transplantation?

After seeing the result of the first hair transplantation, you might want to increase the density in the transplanted area. Or you might want close your crown area that couldn’t be transplanted at the first session. Or, as we mentioned above, you may lose more of your natural hair after the first hair transplantation procedure and the density of your hair seems to have become less. In these cases you may need another session.

Why I Need To Wait At Least 10 Months To Have Second FUE Hair Transplantation?

One of the common question from our patients is “Why Can’t I Have A Second Hair Transplantation Immediately After The First One?” You need to wait at least 10 months to determine if a second hair transplantation is needed. Because you and your surgeon should first see and evaluate the final result of the first hair transplantation. And that will take 10-12 months. At the end of that period, after the hair has reached a styling length the patient and surgeon can make the best judgment about the aesthetic result and the possible necessity of additional grafts.
Also it will take the donor area 10-12 months to heal and get stronger. If more hair transplantation is needed, after this period your donor area will be ready to provide the necessary grafts.

Ixora Life Clinic’s Hair Transplant Surgeons in Turkey implant the maximum number of grafts in one session without affecting the donor area. As we always emphasize, until hair in vitro production will be possible, hair transplantation is a redistribution of existing hair. So Ixora Life Clinic’s surgeons will keep a close eye on the balance between the back of your hair where the hair follicles are collected and recipient part where the hair follicles will be implanted.

Of course we understand our patient’s expectations. But for the best result and most aesthetic look the final decision and planning should and will be the taken by the surgeon based on his or her vast experience, technical skills and know-how. And isn’t that the reason you came to us in the first place?