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Hair Transplant for Wounded Area

Hair Transplant for Wounded Area

Unfortunately, recently developed medical technology is not capable of repairing wound marks completely. If your wound marks are on beard, moustache, or on hairy parts of body, you are luckier because it is possible to camouflage it by transplanting hair collected from neighbor areas or nape. By using micromotors with FUE technique it is possible to collect needed amount of hair follicles and transplant them on wounded areas. It is observed that after hair transplant on scar tissues, those tissues get soften as well. It is another benefit of transplantation. Number of follicles to be transplanted depends on the dimension of scar area. For sure, location of wounded area has to be naturally hairy area. Although this operation is usually performed for wound marks on face and scalp, for women it can also be performed for episiotomy (incision done during childbirth) area on vagina sides.Hair behavior after transplantation is similar to hair transplant on scalp. First there will be a hair loss phase, then growing phase in 4-6 months, and it gets better in 1 year.

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