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Istanbul Archaeology Museums

Istanbul Archaeology Museums

Istanbul Archaeology Museums Information

The Archaeology Museum is located on the road leading up toTopkapı Palace just to the right of the entrance gate to Gülhane Park. It was first founded as the Müze-i Hümayun (The Imperial Museum) by the painter Osman Hamdi Bey in 1891. The museum was founded with the goal of providing an exhibition space for artifacts from all of the civilizations that had existed within the borders of the Ottoman Empire.

The road leading up to the museum commemorates its founder and is known as “Osman Hamdi Bey Ascent”.

The museum houses close to one million artifacts from all of the civilizations that were founded in all of the different regions of the empire, including those in Anatolia, the Balkans, Mesopotamia, Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula. Furthermore, it was one of the first ten buildings in the world to be built specifically as a museum.

The museum is divided into three sections: the Archaeology Museum, the Ancient Oriental Artifacts Museum, and the Tiled Pavilion Museum.

Admission Fee

Admission Fee is 30 Turkish Lira per person for the entrance. Children under the age of 12 is free of charge. Istanbul Museum Pass is valid for Istanbul Archaeological Museum.

Hours & schedule

The Istanbul Archaeological Museum opens everyday between 09.00am – 07.00pm and last admission is 1 hour before the closing hour.

How to get there?

Take the T1 Tram Line and get off at the Gulhane Park stop. Enter the main gates of the park, turn right and go up the hill until you find the entrance to the museum on the left-hand side.

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