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Istanbul Sultanahmet Hippodrome

Istanbul Sultanahmet Hippodrome

Hippodrome of Constantinople

Sultanahmet Sqaure, also known as Hippodrome is the most famous tourist area in Istanbul on the Historical Peninsula. It is a must see region in Istanbul. Sultanahmet is the district where all tourists head for on their visits to Istanbul.

The area is the ancient Istanbul with all the sightseeing that include the must-see mosques, museums, historical sites, palaces and the Grand Bazaar. The compact and relatively traffic free area makes it easy to explore the region on foot. Sultanahmet Sqaure is also one of the best places to see in Istanbul.

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How to get there?

The Sultanahmet Hippodrome is located in Sultanahmet Square. The T1 Tram Line has a stop at Sultanahmet. If your hotel is situated in the old-town area, you can simply take the tram to Sultanahmet. Otherwise, you can take some other public transportation vehicle to connect with the T1 Tram Line and continue to Sultanahmet.

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