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Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic Hair Transplant

One of the products of medicine and technology marriage is hair transplantation robot. Some centers started using this robots. Nevertheless, technology is not developed enough to leave all hair transplant operation to a robot alone.

With present hair transplant robots, your doctor chooses the punches collecting follicles, and places them in the arms. Besides, doctor places the robot before your head, and holds it in front of the area on which hair follicles will be collected. System will recognize black color on the shaved area and shoot that point. If your hair is not straight but curly, the quality of the collected follicles decreases. Thus, your doctor has to stand beside the robot and keep checking it. Besides, after robot does performs the incision around graft, team members have to collect. Your grafts are collected, but robots cannot be used during canal opening procedure which determines the direction of hair for transplant. Again, canals are opened by human power-mind-experience, and grafts are placed by hand. In this picture, you cannot claim that your hair is transplanted by the robotic technology.

Like all of you I also grew up watching robotic and laserion cartoons. I do fantasize work closely with robots in the future,too; however, technology is not that advanced, yet. We call a small home appliance as “kitchen robot” only because it squeezes a half orange just turning its electrical engine under it.Hence, please be aware of commercial concerns and make your decision accordingly. Do not pour your money out.